Live Chat Support will Super charge your website conversion rates and give your business a sales boost
Super charge your website conversion rates and give your business a sales boost

If you have visitors and traffic to your website, we will convert those visitors into customers. We will give you conversion rate increases that were only possible in dreams!

5 Star Live Chat Service5 Star Service
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ChatBee helps online businesses increase website conversion rates and sales. That's it.

Turn casual visitors into customers - ChatBee has professionally trained sales agents available to engage your visitors into paying customer.

5 Star Service
ChatBee will strap a rocket to your lead generation, giving your adwords campaign a huge lift!

Get those marketing dollars working hard. Our professional sales agents will make sure that every visitor and the potential is fully qualified, so that no opportunity is missed.

5 Star Service
People like to talk to people; it’s as simple as that. Having live chat on your website can help skyrocket your sales

People are still people when they are online. People appreciate getting instant help, not having to wait for answers and not having toi que on phone lines. It's as simple as that.

5 Star Agents
We will generate more leads; and boost your sales pipeline.

People like it when you listen to them, they feel valued and important when you are there for them. Our sales agents know how to engage a visitor and listen out for the buying signals.

5 Star Leads

What would you think of a high street shop that has no one around to help or assist?

You wouldn't think very highly of that business, right? So why would you consider doing the same to an online business? Think about it, the people who visit your business are still every day normal human beings with similar expectations right?

4 out of 5 stars

Boost your web site conversion rates and increase your website sales with our simple live chat and social chat service from just 99 cents a chat!

Increase Conversion Rates

Boost Conversions Increase Conversion Rates

Fact: live chat agents being available on your website 24/7 will increase your conversion rates and AOV for Google Adwords, SEO and PPC.

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Increase Sales

Increase Sales Buying Signals "Behaviour

Fact: professionally trained sales agents who know how to read online buying signals and behaviour. A fine line between being helpful and getting results.

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Cut Down on Overheads

Reduce Overheads Efficient Customer Service

An efficient live chat service results in less emails and phone calls and staff more efficiently employed in the core business function, resulting in lower overheads.

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24 / 7 Help and Support

Be Available Be There Always, 24 / 7

Be a truly global brand, and be available for your customers 24-7. Be available for your customers when they need you, rather then when it suits you!

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Help and Answer One to One Difficult Questions

Bee Social Listen Help & Convert

Not everything can be explained in FAQ's and videos. Social listening is an important part of online sales strategy for any business. We listen, engage and convert.

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Happy Customers

Happy Customers Become a Loved Brand

Do you appreciate it when your friend or family are there for you? The same thing goes for business. Being there and being available goes a long way.

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ChatBee has been a big factor in helping many businesses increase their online conversion rates and sales. To understand why we have been so successful, learn more About Us.
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Live Chat Support We can generate leads, increase conversion and sales from as little as 99 ¢ents a chat! No Contracts, no long term commitments!